Blue Gate UPS BG1.5VA Power Supply


  • Durable and dependable
  • Superior Quality and rugged
  • Affordable and lasting
  • Maximum Voltage Power: 230V Output Power
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This 1.5VA Blue Gate UPS is a standard UPS that can keep your television set, DVD, Desktop computers and other electronics attached to it for a long time up to about 20min before you switch to a main supply or to a clean DC voltage and rebuilt into a very clean and regulated AC voltage.

At all times your critical load runs from this UPS Expect no break in supply of power.

This uninterrupted power supply and every other is never built for continuous powering or main source but to hold on to power for your electronics until you switch.

Dependable and rugged with 3 led indicators that show when it’s on power supply, off power supply and when idle.

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